The Give Back

We talk a lot about connection, support and giving back at WIDAC. These things are at the core of our company. They underpin everything we do. It’s important to us that these values flow through to our relationship with our WIDAC community, our local community, the environment and charitable organisations, as well as our sustainability practices.


it feels good to do good

In late 2019, we teamed up with Furniture by Design (FBD) to create cushions and ottomans for Women’s Community Shelters. Within a few hours, our community created over 20 ottomans and 20 cushions – an impressive effort! All these items were donated to crisis accommodation in Sydney and surrounds, where women can be supported in situations of homelessness, domestic and family violence. We are thankful for our community’s ongoing support to ‘give back’ and will continue to work closely with FBD and Women’s Community Shelters nationally.

every little bit counts

It’s the small things that can make a huge impact when done together. We work hard to support a variety of charitable organisations, locally and nationally, in order to impact real change. We have been fortunate to partner with Share the Dignity, as well as donating to the Growing Nepal Foundation and Women’s Legal Service.

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we do our best to support local

At the start of 2020, our hearts broke as we witnessed the devastating effects of bushfires across our country – loss of human lives, divine wildlife, native bushland, homes, businesses and communities. In the wake of this devastation, WIDAC committed to donate 50% of workshop ticket sales from the first FY quarter to Wires Wildlife Rescue. As these towns continue to rebuild in the months and years to come, let’s not forget them. Let’s pack our esky’s, escape for a domestic holiday and visit these communities. Many small contributions can support the businesses in directly affected locations and the many organisations committed to assisting in relief efforts.

Smiling hearts & Minds

We recognise that a smiling heart is as important as a smiling mind. As a society, we’ve opened the conversation for mental health, wellbeing and support, but sometimes that’s not enough. We have a few women in our network with connections to help you on your way. These include volunteers with Beyond Blue, proactive Human Resources advisors and empowering Anti-Workplace Bullying resources.

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doing our bit

We often hear the saying, ‘every little bit counts’ and it couldn’t be more true when counting our footprint. To do our bit we recycle, hire wine glasses, have team Keep Cups and keep printing to a minimum. Our events are held in close proximity to most workplaces, typically accessible by public transport or walking. Workshops have (and will continue!) to cover Sustainability, looking to the experts on how we can continually improve practices and influence decisions in our industry and workplaces.

A message

To our beautiful WIDAC community,

"We hope you’re keeping safe, we wanted to reach out and remind you that we are continually committed to ‘doing our bit’, creating and impacting real change in our world. Things have certainly changed, but we're adapting and working with it and doing our best to support those doing it tough. Together more than ever, we need to stick together, support one another, learn, grow and move forward as one."

– Erin & Althea