Connecting our Community

So, this is the part that makes us feel warm and squishy inside. Kind of like the feeling you get holding your new puppy for the first time... Heart. Melting.

We’ll keep it short. Basically, we are a tight knit and welcoming community, so if you need a platform to get in front of people, then we totally want to make it happen. Put forward yourself, your business or your side hustle to gain exposure at one of our events!

If you're up for any of the below, think you will be soon, or need a motivational talk to get you across the line, flick us a note at

Recent graduates

Yeah, you did!

We’ve been proud to see a bunch of epic success stories, as a result of graduates taking the courage to share a 60 second spiel about themselves at our events. In only 60 seconds, the public speaking part will be over, and you could have one, or many, job prospects coming your way. You should also check out our Graduate Pathways Series here and Mentoring Program here.



A bit like being a recent graduate, moving cities is a big deal and it's likely you don’t have a massive network (yet). Stand up and share a bit about yourself, plus the connection, mentor or job you’re looking for... and see what happens!

our biggest fans (members)

Welcome back – we love you!

Are you a WIDAC member and often find yourself wandering around our events? Maybe, just maybe, you could be our next Member or Project Spotlight. Share a bit about you, or a recent project that still has you beaming – the floor is yours. We are your biggest promoters and would love to have you!

side hustlers

Firstly, you're awesome!

Secondly, if your side hustle is a service, you can stand up and share a bit about what you have on offer. Finally, if your side hustle is a product, we can often make space at an event for a stall.

friends of widac

If ‘The Rona’ has taught us anything, it’s the value of supporting our local businesses. Each Friday, ‘Friends of WIDAC’ recommend a selection of media and highlight local businesses that are kicking butt, delivering fabulous services at your doorstep.

women of widac

The ‘Women of WIDAC’ IG Story series show a snippet of our community members, what they love and things that make them tick. Do say hi!