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Study. You’ll either react with joy, tears or a combination of both, just by reading that single word. We get that no two educational journeys are the same. Sometimes, study is something that simply has to get done. Other times, it’s an activity that makes your heart soar! Wherever you fit in on the excitement scale, our Education Scholarships aim to alleviate the financial pressure of pursuing extra study. 

Education Scholarships aid women currently working in the design, construction and related industries, looking to take the next step. It’s the little things that can make a difference for that industry transition, promotion or new job! 

Education Scholarship applications for QLD-based WIDAC Members are now open - keep your eyes peeled for S.A., NSW and VIC over the course of 2021.

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Are you looking to move from an Interior Design role, across to an Assistant Project Manager role? An ‘Introduction to Project Management’ could be what helps get your foot in the door. Potentially, you’ve been looking at 'Leadership' courses to help you feel a little more comfortable in your new Managerial position. Or, maybe you’re *that* close to going out on your own – a ‘Social Media Short Course’ could help you start your business. 

Thanks to the generous support of FDC, in 2021, we are excited to offer four Education Scholarships, valued at $2,000 each, for Queensland (now launched), New South Wales (launching soon), Victoria (launching soon) and South Australia (launching soon).

Each winner will be selected by a carefully curated line up of industry professionals, including a member of the FDC team.

To nominate yourself for consideration, you’ll need to be: A WIDAC Member, working in the design, construction or a related industry (or looking to work in these industries), looking to further your career, and keen to undertake a course, certificate, diploma, degree or other study.

Note: This study can be online or in-person, through University, TAFE or through a private training college. Courses can be short, long or in between! So many options... and we hope to hear from you soon.


Education Scholarship applications are now open to our QLD-based members.

Applications for other states will open each quarter - so to our NSW, VIC and SA based members - watch this space in 2021!

Applications for QLD close on Sunday, 7th March 2021.

To apply, simply fill in the registration form and along with the form, submit a document that answers the below 7 questions. This document can be in absolutely any format that works for you - as simple / creative / tailored / detailed as you like.

Please email if you have any questions at all – we are here to help!

Education Scholarship
  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey in the industry so far.
  2. What are the next steps in your career or study that you are working towards?
  3. Tell us about the course you would like to use the scholarship funds for and how this will assist you in your career.
  4. How do you feel your industry supports you as a woman working in __________ or aspiring to work in __________ (design/construction/engineering/other)? How do you believe this level of support can be improved?
  5. Why would you like to be selected as the WIDAC 2021 Scholarship Winner?
  6. How will you give back to the industry in the future?
  7. Please provide full details on the course you would enrol in, if you were awarded the Education Scholarship, including start and finish dates, the training institution and the final qualification/s it will provide upon your completion.
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