Mother's Care Packages

Mum, mummy, ma. The word hasn’t yet been spoken by the small human who makes the role real, but you are soaking up the joy of its meaning. Time is so precious during the early stages of motherhood, and the nap, burp, feed, repeat routine is certainly different to the routine of working full-time. No matter where you’re at in those first days, weeks and months, becoming a mum comes with both expected and unexpected changes.

Our Mother’s Care Packages offer practical assistance to new mums seeking support and guidance in motherhood, parenting and transitioning back into the workforce. It’s the little things that make a difference during this time – help with cleaning, fresh food delivery, labels for kids’ lunchboxes, and pamper at home goodies. These packages assist new mums to overcome the balancing act of less time and a longer to-do list.

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We are excited to offer three Mother’s Care Packages, valued at up to $1,500, for Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

“As a member of the design and construction industry and a new mother, I didn’t know how much the WIDAC Mother’s Care Package would be valuable. As a new mum, the concept of time and priorities change drastically, and you realise these are the small bits that can make or break your day. With the WIDAC Mother’s Care Package, I had access to services that I thought were inaccessible and it made my life so much easier. The nomination process was particularly easy and I even enjoyed preparing it. I would definitely recommend all new mothers in our industry to apply for the care package, you deserve it! I felt appreciated and supported during this important time. Thank you, WIDAC!”

- Marie Renaud, 2019 Mother’s Care Package Recipient (Sydney)


Mother’s Care Packages for 2020 have been awarded.

2021 applications are not yet open.

WIDAC are currently seeking a partner for the delivery of this package in 2021.

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