Terms and conditions for Membership


Women in Design and Construction Pty Ltd (WIDAC) Membership Terms and Conditions 2019 – 2020


The below outlines the terms and conditions (Terms) for the application of Women In Design and Construction Pty Ltd (WIDAC) membership (Membership). It is the responsibility of the applicant to review these Terms prior to the application for Membership and by applying for a Membership you confirm you agree to be bound by these Terms. WIDAC reserves the right to amend these Terms from time to time as deemed necessary, and will ensure the most up to date version is available on our website.


Throughout these Terms, “WIDAC”, “Women in Design and Construction”, “We”, “us”, and “our” refer to Women In Design and Construction Pty Ltd (ABN 66 626 047 005) and “you” refers to the individual purchasing a Membership.



1.1 Descriptions of Memberships, entitlements and pricing will always be listed on our website located at www.widac.com.au.

1.2 Memberships can be purchased via our website at www.widac.com.au.

1.3 All information provided in application for Membership must be accurate and complete, and it is the responsibility of the applicant to keep details up to date. For information on how WIDAC stores and treats your personal information please refer to our privacy policy

1.4 Only completed applications will be processed for Membership and WIDAC reserves the right to reject an application for any reason.

1.5 A confirmation email will be sent on payment of the Membership Fee. Your Membership commences from the date of this confirmation email.



2.1 The Membership Fee can be paid by credit card on our Website.

2.2 Memberships run for a duration of 12 months.

2.3 WIDAC may increase the Membership Fees from time to time. However, if we do so, we will endeavour to provide notice to all Members of the increase and post information about the increase on our website.

2.4 WIDAC members are provided with a range of benefits, mainly surrounding fee and early access to booking for events and workshops. However WIDAC reserves the

right to change these entitlements at any given time for whatever reason. If we do so, we will endeavour to provide notice to all Members and post information about the change on our website. For further information refer to the Event Terms and Conditions.



3.1 On the anniversary of your membership, WIDAC will send a reminder email notifying you that your Membership for the year has expired and invite you to re-new. It is the responsibility of the Member to renew membership.

3.2 Expired members may not receive notification of pre-booking release for events and may not be provided free access to events and workshops.

3.3 Membership terms are for one year and there is no obligation to renew, nor will your membership be automatically renewed.



4.1 The Membership Fee is not refundable.

4.2 WIDAC always endeavours to provide high value to our members and support generally to Women in our industry. Therefore, if you feel that you are deserving of a refund under special circumstances you must contact us in writing outlining the circumstances of the refund for review. WIDAC will then review the correspondence and advise the decision in writing, but does not guarantee refunds will provided for any reason.



5.1 To the extent permitted by law, WIDAC exclude all conditions and warranties relating to your Membership.

5.2 Where our liability cannot be excluded, such as in relation to Consumer Guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law or other prescribed terms under legislation, our liability for breach is limited to the Membership Fees paid by you.

By purchasing WIDAC Membership on this website, you acknowledge that you have read the Women in Design and Construction Pty Ltd (WIDAC) Membership Terms and Conditions, agree to the terms and conditions listed above and have had an opportunity to ask questions.



6.1 Our events have been categorised into the following typologies: ‘COMMUNITY’, ‘KEY’, ‘DIGITAL’, ‘PREMIUM’ and ‘WORKSHOP’. These terms are used to differentiate price points, membership inclusions and exclusions and, at times, delivery method and delivery times. We reserve the right to create new typologies at new price points and delivery methods as required to suit the relevant new offering.

6.2 Each event will be listed with the typology noted.

6.3 Event ticket pricing structures will be reflective of the event and membership type inclusions.



Terms and conditions for Events


By requesting a ticket to this event or by acquiring any goods or services on this site, you agree to adhere to our updated terms and conditions.


Updated conditions of attendance at WIDAC events

We care about the safety and wellbeing of our members and the public. Now that some government restrictions have been lifted we are excited to resume our offline events, and we will continue to operate in accordance with the latest updates from the Government Health Authorities in your State. We are working closely with our sponsors and event hosts to take special safety measures to minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19:

  • we are temporarily limiting the number of attendees to our events to ensure safe gaps can be maintained for sit down functions;
  • we have requested that our event hosts implement regular thorough cleans of all surfaces;
  • we will ensure that hand sanitising stations are available for all attendees;
  • there may be temporarily restrictions on service of food and beverages during our events.

Your cooperation is essential in helping us to safely and successfully manage our events during these times. We ask that you please adhere to the following rules at our events:

  • where possible, maintain social distance of at least 2 metres;
  • please be conscious of personal greeting (hand wave over handshake please);
  • wash your hands regularly with soap;
  • while for hygiene reasons we are unable to supply these items, please feel free to bring and wear your own masks and gloves;
  • we ask that you hold off from attending our events if you have been previously diagnosed with COVID-19; or are currently feeling unwell; or have recently come from overseas or one of the hotspots in Victoria; or have recently been in contact with anyone who is feeling unwell;
  • we recommend that you download the COVIDSafe App before attending our event.


If for any reason a WIDAC event is cancelled we will provide credit for the value of the price of your ticket, which will be valid for redemption with WIDAC for the period of 12 months.


You acknowledge and agree that our face-to-face and virtual events may be recorded and that WIDAC may use audio, video and photographs of attendees for commercial and marketing purposes and in publications (whether in print or digital), on its website and social media channels. If any such recordings are considered personal information, WIDAC’s privacy policy covers the use, collection, storage and access to such personal information.


By attending our events you acknowledge and agree that WIDAC may use, reproduce and disclose audio or video recording and photographs of the attendees for commercial and marketing purposes and in publications (whether in print or digital), on its website and social media channels and you permit such use. Such recordings may also be distributed for viewing by WIDAC members and the general public after an event. You agree that you are not entitled to any payment, benefit or reward for our use of any audio, video and photographs of you recorded during our events and you release WIDAC and its employees and agents from and against any and all claims arising in connection with such recordings.


Whilst WIDAC is committed to adhere to the prescribed and recommended precautions, we rely on third party event hosts and sponsors in organising our events. Please note that any food or beverages at our events are supplied by third party event hosts or sponsors and WIDAC will accept no liability in connection thereof. To the maximum extent permitted by law, we are not liable for any loss or damage, however caused (including negligence) which may be directly or indirectly suffered, in connection with your attendance of a WIDAC event, or the purchase and use of any products and services supplied via this site. The limitation of liability (whether arising under contract or tort including negligence or statute), applies to all damages or any kind including compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property, personal injury and claims of third parties. Under circumstances where liability cannot be excluded, such liability is limited to the value of the purchased goods or services. These terms do not affect consumers’ statutory rights.