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Thoughts on a year of firsts

August 4, 2020 /

Our warmest welcome to you… So far, it’s been a year of firsts – Althea welcomed baby Hunter, Erin got engaged, many of us commenced working from home, and now, we’re writing our debut Newsletter. Feels like a rollercoaster when you put it all together, huh? It’s kind of strange, yet comforting, nervously preparing for…

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Launch your 2020 with WIDAC and Aspect

July 14, 2020 /

24 February 2020 Aspect thoroughly enjoyed hosting Women in Design and Construction (WIDAC) for their inspiring and hugely successful ‘Launch Your 2020!’ event at our Melbourne showroom recently. WIDAC Melbourne was launched mid 2018 after the great success of WIDAC events and workshops held in both Brisbane and Sydney. At WIDAC the aim is to…

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What are employers looking for?

June 3, 2020 /

You’ve done the hard yards – but now what? It almost cost you your sanity but you’ve secured your degree, check; you’ve got that iconic graduation pic (cue updated LinkedIn profile), check; and now, you’re left to sort out how to land your dream job. Piece of cake, right? Don’t worry, I feel you. It’s…

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