April 2022 – Women of WIDAC

Women of WIDAc April 2022

WIDAC is all about getting to know each other, so welcome to our seventh edition of Women of WIDAC!

Introducing these dynamic women from all around Australia.

To learn more about each of their recent projects, work, and industry achievements, read on below.

If you’d like to say hi, reach out to us at hello@widac.com.au.

New South Wales- based member:

Charlotte Baillie, Interior Specialist  | Sektor

Charlie Baillie (Image Supplied)

3 Likes: Relationships, spatial design and faith.

3 Dislikes: (3 words!) Poor spelling + grammar.

What do you love most about your current job? The space and autonomy to flourish in my role.

A recent career highlight: Unexpectedly stepping from interior architecture into account management, now surrounded by some of the most genuine and generous teammates.

Marissa West, Sales & Marketing Manager  | SHEETH

Corallee Malcolm (Image Supplied)

3 Likes: 1. I love to bake 2. Travel 3. Being in the outdoors.

3 Dislikes: 1. Olives 2. Early mornings 3. Negativity.

What do you love most about your current job?

The team, I am so lucky to work with such driven, happy and supportive people.

A recent career highlight? Building the Masterchef contestant – Reynold Poernomo new restaurant in Chippendale. Being a former pastry chef myself it was a true personal and professional highlight!

Queensland – based member:

Jacqui Doyle, Construction Lawyer  | Holding Redlich

Jacqui Doyle (Image Supplied)

3 Likes: kids, horses and wine.

3 Dislikes: being late, crowds and tight jeans.

How has COVID impacted your career / job? Working from home has its benefits and I love that due to COVID it has found a place in our common work routine. That said, however working from home for extended periods has also helped me appreciate how much I enjoy and benefit from being in a room with another person, collaborating and brain storming on how to solve a legal problem. Often this is where the magic happens and without COVID I don’t think I would have understood this in the same way.

A recent career highlight: In April last year I ran a one week arbitration in Melbourne. It was a huge team effort both at home (my husband held down the fort alone with our three kids) and at work and I felt incredibly supported on both fronts. The icing on the cake was when 2 months later the decision was released and we won!!

Ruby Wiltshire, Queensland Events Coordinator  | WIDAC

Ruby Wiltshire (Image Supplied)

3 Likes: Camping and bush walks. Lattes on oat milk. Phone calls with mum.

3 Dislikes: Laundry. Burnt toast. Last minute uni assignments.

What do you love most about your current job? There is always something different happening at WIDAC, no day is the same. I also work at a skate shop, and a café as a barista. I love talking to people and making connections, and I think all my jobs let me do that every day – and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

A recent career highlight: Organising the 2021 QUT Interior Design Graduate exhibition as Vice President of the GR-ID Society. The event was amazing, but the most rewarding aspect was the friends I made along the way.

Adelaide – based member:

Christie Bailey, Director (Architect) | Brown Falconer

Corallee Malcolm (Image Supplied)

3 Likes: Good Design, the People I work with, Collaborating.

3 Dislikes: Unrealistic Programs, Dream Thieves, Fixed mindsets.

How has COVID impacted your career / job?
A lot more flexible working and spontaneity.

A recent career highlight? Becoming a State Design Review Panel Member.

Corallee Malcolm, Project Coordinator  | Downer Group

Corallee Malcolm (Image Supplied)

3 Likes: The feeling of accomplishment and success, anything country or coastal, and rollercoasters.

3 Dislikes: Bullying/abuse, reality TV and coffee.

What do you love most about your current job?

Aside from the people that make up our team (Shout out to the Downer SA Pavements Peeps!), being involved in the review and improvement of templates and processes, and launching of new software platforms for our division.

A recent career highlight? Developing, without prior knowledge how, a SharePoint platform for our department to operate out of, that is now being considered for national roll out.

Victoria- based member:

Raychel Pierson, State Sales Manager, Victoria | Resene Paints Australia

Charlie Baillie (Image Supplied)

3 Likes: Playing Football (soccer in AU!), a great coffee on a good weather day and my friends & Family.

3 Dislikes: Inequity/inequality, bad manners and traffic!

What do you love most about your current job? The challenges and diversity that each day brings. Being a small fish in a big pond sees plenty of both! Watching the team around me grow and flourish in a tough environment and working through a Global Pandemic has taught us all (most of all me!) a lot about resilience. The ability to create positive change and see the consequences of that in our business.

A recent career highlight: Keeping our business running through Covid! Need I say more?!

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