July 2021 – Women of WIDAC

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WIDAC is all about getting to know each other, so welcome to our third edition of Women of WIDAC!

Introducing these dynamic women from VIC, NSW, QLD, and SA… 

To learn more about each of their recent projects, work, and industry achievements, read on below.

If you’d like to say hi, reach out to us at hello@widac.com.au.

Queensland – based members:

Janine Mohn, Graduate Project Manager | Looking to land her first job in the industry!

3 Likes: UFC, The smell of freshly mowed grass, friendly banter, Wine & Cheese (why I love WIDAC events) 

3 Dislikes: Being cold, Dishwasher not being stacked efficiently, Heights.

What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self: Love your scars, for they are reminders of your victory – you survived.

A recent career highlight: Completing my Cert IV in Project Management 3 mths ahead of schedule. Having reached the pinnacle of my career in hairdressing, published globally, running education, and more it was time for a new challenge. Inspired to redirect my career path I am now embarking on conquering the construction industry! 

Rebecca Champney, Senior Associate Architect | Nettletontribe

3 Likes: My labradoodle puppy crumpet. Great wine…loving pinot noir at the moment. Food in general, cooking it, eating, talking about it, arranging travel plans around it.

3 Dislikes: disorganisation, misalignment and poor detailing in design, loud chewers.

What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self: Be assertive and speak up, knowing that your opinion is valid and worth sharing even if you are younger and less experienced than those around you.

A recent career highlight: Taking on the team leadership role for UQ student residences, a landmark on-campus student accommodation project offering 610 beds, which is due for completion at the end of the year.

Victoria – based members:

Lynette Correia, Associate Director | PwC (Integrated Infrastructure – Capital Projects) 

3 Likes: Sincerity, Pet nats, Perth summers

3 Dislikes: Running late, Tomatoes, Sashimi

What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self: Invest time and money in your personal and professional development (outside of the opportunities your career may offer you), and network, network, network!

A recent career highlight: Being promoted to Associate Director.

Alexandra Righi, Studio Manager | Warren and Mahoney Architects Australia

3 Likes: Yoga, Wine, and Sharks.

3 Dislikes: Messy apartments, overcooked pasta, and rain over the weekends.

What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self: To take more time deciding on a course, rather than starting 3 and finish one, figure out which one you want to use.

A recent career highlight: This current position at Warren and Mahoney Melbourne after being made redundant due to COVID.

South Australia – based members:

Nat Horak, Creative Designer, APAC | BBC Studios

3 Likes: Image compositing, The ocean, Barossa shiraz

3 Dislikes: Bad kerning, Red meat, Travel restrictions

What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self: You will fail at times – it’s what you do with those failures that matter.

A recent career highlight: Having my role at the BBC expand from ANZ to APAC Creative – Designing for, and managing designers/projects, across the Greater China and South East Asia regions.

Ebony Sharman, Associate | North Projects

3 Likes: My dog Bruce. Cold pizza. Wine pairing menu options.

3 Dislikes: Poor book to screen adaptations. Wet weather. Dishonesty.

What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self: Education is important and worth it.

A recent career highlight: Navigating my upcoming role as Mum and balancing this with my career.

New South Wales – based members:

Rebecca Bangura, Career & Life Coach | Beautiful Disruptions

3 Likes: Travel. Reading. Being outdoors.

3 Dislikes: Slow drivers. People being glued to their phones. White Wine.

What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self? There is never a ‘right time’ so take the risk now.

A recent career highlight: Signing a new corporate client.

Vicki Murphie, Director and Owner | Texture Collective

3 Likes: Great clients who partner with you for the long term and become good friends along the way. Design in all its guises from small-scale graphics design and wearable art pieces to large-scale-built environments. Cats – I’m a crazy cat person.

3 Dislikes: Micro-managers and closed minds. Loud badly designed spaces with poor acoustics. Crowded transport.

What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self? Try to look at the big picture when times get tough – don’t get caught in the detail.

A recent career highlight: Setting up my own design studio 2 years ago after 30 years in the interior design field.

We hope you learned more about some amazing women across Australia. If you would like to be featured, please contact hello@widac.com.au.

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