May 2022 – Women of WIDAC

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Getting to know our wonderful community…

WIDAC is all about getting to know each other, so welcome to our eighth edition of Women of WIDAC!

Introducing these dynamic women from VIC, NSW, QLD, ACT, WA and SA … 

To learn more about each of their recent projects, work, and industry achievements, read on below.

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South Australia

Bethany Overall, Graduate Interior Designer | Totalspace Design

Bethany Overall (Image Supplied)

3 likes: Travelling, finding local eateries and exploring new cities.
3 dislikes: Bad weather, weak coffee and complainers.
What was the best decision you made for your career? My best career decision to date has been learning to say ‘yes’ to opportunities and experiences, no matter how far out of my comfort zone they may be!
A recent career highlight: Walking into my first completed commercial project. I was fortunate to be trusted with delivering the project from start to finish for one of our long-standing clients. Seeing them happy was extremely gratifying!

Ezgi Erdogan-Frost, Workplace (People and Workflow) Manager | Estilo Furniture & Lighting 

Ezgi Erdogan-Frost (Image Supplied)

3 Likes: Authenticity & Integrity in relationships, Social Intelligence, Resilience
3 Dislikes: Unfair judgements, Dishonesty, Pessimism
What was the best decision you made for your career? Recently moving to SA with my family for a better work-life balance
A recent career highlight: Stepping from design management into a general management role, and still being able to work with amazing people of the design and construction world 

Australian Capital Territory

Rebecca Giovenco, National Pitch Manager | Rork Projects 

Rebecca Giovenco (Image Supplied)

3 Likes: Scuba diving, travel & coffee
3 Dislikes: Breaking in a new pair of heels, wasabi & frogs (yes, I have a frog phobia!)
What was the best decision you made for your career? Making conscious decisions to leave my comfort zone in order to continue to develop and grow.
A recent career highlight: Implementing bid structure and processes to drive growth and support the wider business strategy.  

Beidi Wang, Residential Sales Consultant – NSW & QLD | JANUS et Cie 

Beidi Wang (Image Supplied)

A recent career highlight: I was recently given the privilege of looking after all residential accounts in QLD, in addition to my existing NSW accounts. I visited Brisbane for the first time at the end of March and absolutely loved it. I can’t wait to visit again and connect with more designers. 

3 Likes: Design: particularly furniture, architecture, jewellery, product and fashion. Desserts: I have a huge sweet tooth! I usually gravitate towards French, Italian and Asian sweets. Travelling: I’ve been to about 15 countries so far, mostly across Europe, some in Asia and America. I love exploring the various local restaurants, sites, galleries and museums. 
3 Dislikes: getting sunburnt, bad coffee and slow internet.

What was the best decision you made for your career? Joining JANUS et Cie! I’ve been with the business since late 2019 and have grown so much, both personally and professionally. I love working with quality products and when it comes to outdoor furniture, there’s no other brand quite like JANUS et Cie. The level of craftsmanship, comfort and durability is unparalleled. 

New South Wales

Carly Garnsey, Client Relationship Manager | Schiavello Systems NSW

Carly Garnsey (Image Supplied)

3 Likes: Travel, Outdoors, Design
3 Dislikes: Inequality, Negativity, Traffic 
What was the best decision you made for your career? Studying Interior Design, I wouldn’t have even thought about an alternative career in this industry without taking that first step.
A recent career highlight: Not so recent, but being able to travel internationally for my role will always be a highlight.

Amilia Wallace, Workplace Strategy Advisor | Haworth

Amilia Wallace (Image Supplied)

3 Likes: When people stop to pat a friendly cat or dog on the street, Lemongrass scent, Weird retro furniture.
3 Dislikes: When people start a sentence with ‘no offence, but…’, Lavender scent, Weird retro recipes.
What was the best decision you made for your career? Answering and trusting a random call from a recruiter that poached me from an entry level design consultant role to a higher-level project management position. Sent my career on a different path and in an area I love. 
A recent career highlight: While working in the UK in 2020, I was in charge of a turn key office fit-out project for a client in Switzerland, leading the design and project management all the way through. Very satisfying to see my vision come to fruition and the client be very satisfied with the results. The site visits weren’t bad either… 


Zoe Wainscott, Associate Client Director (Architecture + Design Lead) | Xact Accounting

Zoe Wainscott (Image Supplied)

3 Likes: Spontaneous catchups with old friends; Hot chocolate; + Reading
3 Dislikes: Drinks with bubbles; People cracking their knuckles; + Mushrooms
What was the best decision you made for your career?: Taking a leap of faith and moving overseas – it was scary, but the opportunities that I was afforded were priceless, along with different mentors who really pushed you to be the best you! Also – finally clicking that accounting isn’t actually that boring – there’s so many ways to help improve people’s businesses, and have a material impact on their life and wellbeing.
A recent career highlight: Presenting the Business and Commercial Fundamentals Workshop for WIDAC at the beautiful Metz Tiles Showroom! It was great to see so many people who were interested in expanding their knowledge base and help get them thinking about how to underpin their financial expertise.

Serena Selvaraj, Civil Engineer | WSP-Golder

Serena Selvaraj (Image Supplied)

3 Likes: R&B music, puppies, long car rides 
3 Dislikes: phishing emails, olives, crowds (in that order)
What was the best decision you made for your career? Always saying YES! to opportunities to go on site as the CQO of the projects that I am working on. It is an incredible feeling to see a project through from design to construction. You not only make key decisions during the design process, but you also have the opportunity to deal with construction challenges to ensure that the final product is in line with the design expectations.
A recent career highlight: Over the last few years, I have been involved in a design project to divert a major river at a Gold mine in Laos. I was recently discussing some construction challenges faced with my senior engineer for this project and as we reviewed the aerial imagery of the site with the river diversion in place together, my senior looked to me and said, “you have now officially diverted a major river in another country”. 

Western Australia

Lucy Palmer, Technical Director (Health Sector) | Mott MacDonald Australia

Lucy Palmer (Image Supplied)

3 Likes: WA’s beaches; straw bale houses; Succession
3 Dislikes: virtue signalling; uncomfortable shoes; indiscriminate care home lockdowns
What was the best decision you made for your career? A decision in 1996 to leave the UK Diplomatic Service and do a Masters degree in Population and Development that took me into working in women’s health within international development programmes
A recent career highlight: Transferring with Mott MacDonald (with whom I have worked for the past 10 years) from the UK to Perth, where I will broaden my wheelhouse to include consulting within the health sector in Australia. 

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