9 Questions with Vaughan Penny from Autex

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  1. Hi, Vaughan! Thanks for having a (virtual) chat with WIDAC. We’ll kick-off with a simple one – how do you take your coffee? 

Flat white on almond. 

  1. Looking ahead to 2021 (feels like a dream!) what is the most important lesson from 2020 that you’ll be implementing in your life? 

Keep life simple.  Surround yourself with great people and good wine. 

  1. What about in your workplace, Autex? 

Autex Australia is a great place and I feel lucky to be part of the team. At its ground roots, it’s family owned, and the family first mentality really filters through the business. I am surrounded with extremely talented people who create some of the most innovative acoustic products in the market. It’s a positive environment and there is always something exciting that’s being worked on or on the horizon.  

  1. How did your team adapt to COVID? Are there any changes to your daily work life this year that will continue? 

In the early stages of COVID-19 alert we staggered days in office. Like every other company , COVID didn’t allow for ‘time to adapt’ it was simply a ‘new way to work’.

This year, as unique as it is, has been a great reminder that even the best laid plans don’t always go to plan. I’ve kept focused on doing good business but have had to be flexible on how to get it done – you can whinge or you can have a laugh – people appreciate a laugh. You don’t need to wait for a pandemic to get creative in how you do business.

  1. What do you see as the most innovative and exciting Acoustic product on the market at the moment and why? 

If it’s an Autex product, its innovative and exiting. Why? Because we thrive on innovation.  

  1. What do you think the design and construction industry finds the most surprising thing about Autex?  

We locally manufacture, which means we can keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to project management and lead times. We are nimble.  I am also always met with excitement with just how customisable our acoustic applications are.  There are not many limits to what we can achieve in this space.  

  1. Tell us about your customised design offering and in-house design team. What type of products come under this offering and how long does the process usually take? 

We have stellar ability to customise. Our design team can work with any idea and create an acoustic solution that will be truly unique. Customised design is done in-house and the team love a challenge as well as working with clients to deliver exactly what they need.  

  1. Like many Australian businesses, Autex seems to be focusing more on Sustainability. Can you tell us about this and specifically, Recycled Content? 

I heard David Attenborough speaking about Sustainability not long ago, he said never before have we had such an awareness of what we are doing to the planet, and never before have we had the power to do something about that.  In my experience this is how Autex apply their thinking to manufacturing for sustainability. As a business Autex takes actions to reduce environmental impact and we will continue this path, because we have the power to do it.  

Our interior acoustics products are made from 100% polyester fibre with a minimum of 45% previously recycled fibre – which is made from PET plastic. We are always striving to increase recycled content.  We also ensure the quality, durability, strength, lifespan, and performance of our products is not compromised.   

We are transparent when sharing data regarding the amount of recycled content; I encourage designers to check out our sustainability and recycled content statements, they are pretty impressive.  

  1. To close, what can we expect to see next from Autex? 

We know that all spaces that people inhabit deserve good acoustics, it is important to Autex to continue to manufacture locally, employ locally, and keep being innovators and leaders in the space of interior acoustics.  

There is also a commitment to training our entire workforce and developing continued expertise in the field of interior acoustics.    

You can expect new technologies, new products and new colour offerings.

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