What are employers looking for?

What are employers looking for

You’ve done the hard yards – but now what? It almost cost you your sanity but you’ve secured your degree, check; you’ve got that iconic graduation pic (cue updated LinkedIn profile), check; and now, you’re left to sort out how to land your dream job. Piece of cake, right? Don’t worry, I feel you. It’s pretty tough to put yourself out there, know how to sell yourself, and write all the right things in your resume or portfolio. Especially when no one reaaaalllyyy talks about it much: the do’s and don’ts of the application game, that is. When applying for your first graduate role, you really want to put your best foot forward. But, what are employers looking for these days? Read on to find out more about what Brisbane’s leading design and engineering firms are on the hunt for.

Designed by Brisbane architects Richards and Spence, Fortitude Valley’s Living Edge Showroom was the stunning backdrop for Widac’s “Graduate Pathways” event (cue beautiful furniture photography). It was an evening of packed activities hosted by the Event Partner CGC Recruitment and Torrens University. Whilst aimed at current students and recent graduates to assist in their transition into the workforce, the takeaways from the event were applicable to all career stages. Tips and advice were provided on LinkedIn profiles, how to ensure your resume is up to scratch, how to create a strong personal brand, and finally, one-on-one portfolio reviews. Accompanied by quick presentations from six leading design and engineering firms, a big part of the evening centred upon one-on-one speed networking rounds with industry leading representatives, offering invaluable insights.  

CGC Recruitment’sLindsey Massey offered insight from the perspective of a speciality recruitment agency who specialises in the construction, engineering, design and client side sectors. Lindsey spoke about being able to offer advice on career progression or changing career course and the steps needed to make that change a reality.

Leading design and engineering companies provided a speedy two minute overview on what they are all about and notably what they look for when hiring a graduate. Widac’s National Director and Founder, Althea Papinczak reminded that putting your best foot forward can take you very far when networking. By creating a strong and positive first impression you can create a lasting future impression on a potential employer and have an edge over other applicants.

So… what are employers looking for?

Hassellare on the lookout for passionate designers who always put their ideas forward, take ownership, have a voice, and explore the possibilities through testing ideas. They advise to not simply include just the ‘shiny’ renders in your portfolio; however, show the process that helped you get there. Hassell stated that being able to articulate your concept in a single sketch or sentence is very important and should not be underestimated.

Norman Disney & Young(NDY) is an engineering consultancy firm operating in the building services sector. As a people centred company NDY are looking for good communicators who are comfortable talking with any and every one, good team members, people who can keep a level head when the pressure is on, and good time management skills. NDY’s graduate program offers rotating rounds which offer flexibility within their different sectors of work. 

SHAPEoffers a 12 month rotating cadet program including estimating, working on site and within the office. Having a strong people culture, Shape fosters a positive work life balance with employees having a mandatory day off every month, atop their annual leave, to relax and reset. Shape looks for attitude above all else as culture is at their core. 

Arkhefield’s mission is connecting people to place. The studio’s approach doesn’t stop at providing buildings and spaces, yet they examine how people use the spaces and interact to create active and engaged communities. Collaboration and the ability to work well in teams is highly regarded. Graduates are encouraged to have an inquisitive mind and always stay curious. 

Wood and Grieve Engineers (WGE) advised against telling them what you think they want to hear; however, tell them what you actually think. Be innovative and bring yourself to the table. WGE remarked that lines of strictly being considered an engineering company versus an architecture company are becoming increasingly blurred. Firms are more often being considered as a one-stop consultant, and therefore, don’t limit yourself in where you apply. WGE’s final advice was to be brave and take a chance – that is what will get you that opportunity you desire.

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