WIDAC International Women’s Day Wrap Up!


Erin, Althea and the whole WIDAC team would like to thank everyone from our community who turned out to attend our IWD events all across Australia as we #chosetochallenge! 

  We were so incredibly proud to have delivered four large-scale face-to-face events across Australia in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane to over 560 attendees. This was only possible with the support of our event partners Rork Projects, North Projects, McConnell Dowell, Reece, Formcorp Interiors and Zip Industries. A big thank you must also go to our 20 panellists who were open and frank in their conversation and who shared their insights and thoughts on how we can all work towards a more equal future for women in our industries.  

We have shared below the key takeaways from our panellists in each state as we believe it’s unfiltered conversations like these that help bring to light the changes we all want to see. We believe that as individuals and as companies, we all share the responsibility to advocate for ourselves, our colleagues and for those who are still to find their voice.

#WIDACchoosestochallenge the unconscious biases and the silence that we believe are still the barriers to achieving gender equality.   

Thank you for attending our events and we hope to see you again soon! 

The WIDAC Team x

Our Melbourne Event

Held Wednesday 10th March at The Craft & Co.

Melbourne Key Takeaways

  •  If you can see it, you can be it! Need equal split between men and women in leadership positions
  • Diversity means not just women but also ethnic, ability, sexual, gender diversity
  • Bring unconscious bias into conscious
  • Normalise flexible working for both men and women
  • Equal length maternity and paternity leave
  • Challenge workplace gender norms on a day to day basis, no matter how big or small, every bit makes a difference

Our Adelaide Event

Held Wednesday 10th March at the Stylecraft Showroom

Adelaide Event Key Takeaways

  • Advocate for yourself and ask for help 
  • Set career goals and plan how you will get there 
  • Ask questions – People want to help 
  • Saying yes to opportunities can create spurts to your career growth 
  • Expose the next generations to women in leadership 
  • Take part in the conversation, start the conversation 
  • Enjoy the process – Have fun, it will be ok 
  • Give back where you can ie. Mentoring, networking 
  • Female perspective in a decision-making forum is key to progression 

Our Sydney Event

Held Thursday 11th March at Dockside

Sydney Event Takeaways

  •  Always be your true authentic self 
  • Back yourself. You know your worth. It’s your career to drive 
  • Reach out to senior leaders within your company regarding sponsorship they can help you craft a career vision and plan and help you build skills and confidence 
  • Don’t let part-time flexible work stop you from doing any role – If it hasn’t been done before, challenge it and give it a go
  • Part-time flexible work is not just for women, but for men too
  • We need to raise awareness about careers in the Construction industry at the school level, particularly for girls, if we want to focus on a more gender diverse industry
  • Learn from the career journeys of others….Don’t be afraid to approach others and ask them about their career, your career will be unique
  • As well as females Identify male champions of change that can support your career too
  • Talk positively about design and construction……We need as many promoters as possible to attract females from early learning to high school into the industry and improve gender diversity and equality
  • Be creative with flexible work arrangements and focus on output not hours. If you can determine what the needs of the individual are outside of work, you can usually fit the business needs around that
  • We can all play a role to promote our industries at School and Uni level to get more diversity coming through the next generation of workers in the construction industry
  • When looking to recruit or add to your teams, remember diversity in gender, age, culture brings diverse thinking and better business performances

Our Brisbane Event

Held Friday 12th March at The Calile Hotel

Brisbane Event Key Takeaways

  • Finding allies / your tribe/mentors is vital to creating a supportive environment
  • Don’t apologise for being ambitious – We all made statements about being confident and sure of yourself 
  • There are plenty of people that will have opinions about you and your capabilities, but know yourself and know who you trust and consider their feedback, have the courage to ignore the background noise. Also, just say yes! Even when it is scary or you aren’t sure, you might be amazed at where it leads
  • If you don’t get the answers you want keep trying. Persevere, show confidence, don’t give up, and have a positive attitude!
  • Don’t let the negatives and poor behaviour of others bring you down
  • Surround yourself with like-minded positive people, find your tribe!
  • Have respectful conversations to challenge chauvinistic attitudes there will be a safe space for women in construction and diversity can be achieved.
  • ‘The standard you walk past is the standard you accept
  • It is important for managers to scrutinise wage disparity in their firm
  • Back yourself, you can do this, you just need to believe you can.

Thank you all of our Event Partners