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Join us for a Personal Finance 101 workshop presented by Women in Design and Construction and hosted by Jon Papinczak from Stonehouse Group.

All of us would like to know how to better manage our money, however the world of personal finance is so daunting that many of us put off addressing it. Many people say that they don’t have the time, knowledge or feel they don’t have enough money so they don’t bother working towards their financial goals.

Jon will address all of your concerns and help you to take the first steps towards planning for your future using a practical approach towards creating your own financial plan.

After this event you will understand:

  • What is superannuation and how you can tax effectively build wealth
  • What insurance and wealth protection covers you need now and into the future
  • The keys to successful investing and how to get started with as little as $200
  • How to better manage your savings and cash flow

Jon is a Financial Advisor with Stonehouse Group, assisting people in all levels of their financial journey from new entrants into the workforce through to retirement and beyond. Light refreshments will be provided.

TUESDAY 5TH JUNE | 5.30PM – 7.30PM



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